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Setting up your DIRECTV Genie to recording a specific series is a simple process. Choose if you want to record only new episodes or if you want to record all episodes. You can also change how many episodes are saved on your DVR. 

One of the most common tech issues we see each day is when customers purchase a new remote. Follow along as we walk you through how to reprogram your DIRECTV Remote. If you do not know your TV code you can use the Code Look Up Tool on the DIRECTV website found HERE.

Set your DIRECTV DVR to record series.

Directions (Click to enlarge)

Program your DIRECTV Remote to your TV

Resetting your DIRECTV Receiver



Sometimes you need to reset your DIRECTV receiver for various reasons. Here is a quick demo on the steps to take when needing to reset your DIRECTV Genie or DIRECTV HD receiver.

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