Rich Schumann Jr.

2011 Champion

1st Late Model

Rich Schumann Jr. is a two time Dells Raceway Park Champion (2011, 2015) and has raced all over Wisconsin. Coming into the second season of being on Team Dean’s Schumann is ready to take on new challenges. We recently sat down with Rich and asked him a few questions about the past, present and future. 

Team Deans: Where does your passion for racing come from?

Rich Schumann Jr: It comes from my family. Growing up we lived in a racing family. My dad and brother flagged at the local track, then I started helping around with one of my friends at Beaver Dam. Whatever I got on I wanted to go fast. There is something about competing against 30 other drivers week in and week out that gets me going. I just want to win.

Team Deans: When did you start racing yourself?

Rich Schumann Jr: When I was younger I would always bug my dad about racing. He kept telling me no. Finally, in 1996, I think he was sick of me asking and told me if I moved up to Tomahawk to live with them and got a job he would buy me racecar. Within two weeks I had a job and a racecar. The first night we drug the bomber car down the hill and through a bar parking lot with my dad’s truck and a logging chain to Tomahawk Speedway. I went on to win Rookie of the Year that year. I stuck around in bombers for two years and then moved up to Late Models.

Team Deans: When you aren’t at the shop or the track what are you typically doing?

Rich Schumann Jr.: I usually spending time with my daughter. I help her a lot with basketball and softball.

Team Deans: How do you get your racing fix in during the off-season?

Rich Schumann Jr.: By going to the race shop and working on the car. I also get together with the racing guys a couple of times a year and go riding sleds. We can’t help ourselves and things typically get a little crazy but we are racers, might not be the safest thing but it’s fun.

Team Deans:If you never started racing what would you be doing on the weekends?

Rich Schumann Jr.: That’s a tough question, I have raced for so long I don’t even really know. I think I would be coaching; I’ve always wanted to do that. If not that probably just boating a lot more.

Team Deans:What are you most excited about for the upcoming 2016 season?

Rich Schumann Jr.: I’m really excited about hitting up my ‘Bucket List’ tracks. I’ve always wanted to run my limited late model at Slinger and just have never had the chance. This year we will be going there just to say I raced at Slinger. I also want to conquer Rockford. I’ve typically been fast here just never gotten over the hump of winning. I’m most excited to see how I stack up against the best of other tracks.

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2nd Late Model

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