Growing up Kelsey was always around racing. The lone female driver in our 2016 Team Dean’s roster has a passion for the sport more than most men possess. Her drive to improve each and every week is unmatched and she has raced anything with wheels. She was a spotter and crew chief for her dad since the age of 10, and has now raced her way up through the ranks at Dells Raceway Park. We recently sat down with Kelsey to see what motivates her to succeed.

Team Deans: Where does your passion for racing coming from?

Kelsey Schultz: Both my dad and older brother started racing when I was real young. Once I was old enough I started helping out, I was my dad’s spotter at just the age of 10. It’s just something we always did as a family.

Team Deans: What is your best memory growing up as a kid?

Kelsey Schultz: It has to be spotting my dad’s first win in 2005. I remember there is a picture of me in victory lane and my face is bright red from crying so much. It was so special to be a part of that. Also being nominated the Top Crew Chief at Dells Raceway Park when I was 11 and winning the 2013 Rookie of the Year in Late Models are all moments I will never forget.

Team Deans: When you aren’t at the shop or the track what are you typically doing?

Kelsey Schultz: I’m still a full time college student, so balancing school, work, and racing can be quite challenging.

Team Deans: How do you get your racing fix in during the off-season?

Kelsey Schultz: Going to the end of the year specials gets us through the fall. Then during the winter months, there are races down south that are broadcasted that I pay close attention to. One of these years, I would like to get down to the Snowball Derby in Florida and experience it live again. We also spend a lot of time planning for the next season. What changes can we make to the car?  How can we make the next year even better?

Team Deans: If you never started racing what would you be doing on the weekends?

Kelsey Schultz: I would still be going to the track. It’s just something we have always done as a family. I can’t see myself not being at the track. 

Team Deans: What are you most excited about for the upcoming 2016 season?

Kelsey Schultz: Trying to redeem myself after 2015.  Last year, Wausau set us back quite a bit and we just never fully got back on the right track. This will be the first time in three years of racing a late model that I have had the same car to start the next season with.  In 2016 I’m going for my first win. We have been close a couple of times but have come up just short.  This is the year we breakthrough.

In 2016 you will be able to find Kelsey racing in the #31 Late Model at Dells Raceway Park. She also plans on attending some of the end of the year specials. To follow along with Kelsey check out her Facebook page Kelsey Schultz Motorsports. Good luck in 2016 Kelsey!

Kelsey Schultz

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