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Jason Thoma

Team Deans: Where does your passion for racing coming from?

Jason Thoma:  Ever since I was a kid, we always traveled around to different tracks like The Milwaukee Mile and The Minnesota State fair.  We would go into the pits afterwards and meet the drivers.  I would get so excited.  I was able to meet drivers like; Dick Trickle, Joe Shear, Dale Sr and Rusty Wallace.  I have pictures as a little kid standing by these incredible racers.  I always dreamed of doing what they did.  My dad influenced me, because of his amazing love for racing.  Thank you dad!  

Team Deans: What is your best memory growing up as a kid?

Jason Thoma: We would go on the best vacations.  Always road trips.  My parents took us all over, checking out different national landmarks.  Stopping in at a race track, if there was one close by.  

Team Deans: When you aren’t at the shop or the track what are you typically doing?

Jason Thoma: Lots of family time.  I have 3 great kids that are involved in many activities like soccer, swimming, dance to name a few.  I try to get to as many of their activities as I can.  Also hanging out at home with my beautiful wife.  They are supportive of my racing so I try to reciprocate that when I can.     


Team Deans: How do you get your racing fix in during the off-season?

Jason Thoma: Mario Cart, definitely.  We make it into a family tournament.  I’ve found that I’m not the only one for a need for speed. 


Team Deans: If you never started racing what would you be doing on the weekends?

Jason Thoma: Camping and boating during the summer like I used to do with my parents when I was a kid.

Team Deans: What are you most excited about for the upcoming 2016 season?

Jason Thoma: We’ve been doing our homework this off season and are excited to apply what we’ve learned.  We are going to be participating in 2 traveling series this year that we are really looking forward too.  Last year didn’t end on a high note so we are looking forward to getting out there again.  It’s going to be an exciting year and can’t wait to get back on the track!