Nationwide Company with Hometown Service


Who is Exede for?

It’s for you — if you’ve been looking for a new choice for fast internet service that’s available where you live.
It’s for folks looking for a faster connection for video streaming, quicker file downloads, better performance from video chat and speedier email and webpage loading.

Where is Exede available?

• Everywhere – just about. We’re in all 50 states, covering 98% of the U.S. population.

• In many areas where other internet companies only offer slower service – or none at all.

Why is Exede a better choice?

3-Year Price Lock Guarantee  

We won’t hike your bill when you’re not looking, and we stand behind this commitment with our amazing guarantee. Plus, we never automatically charge overage fees like mobile providers do.

It’s quick: Our 12 Mbps download speed — available in many areas — is twice as fast as average DSL or 4G/L TE mobile service. If you’re on some old, slow service, Exede will be an awesome upgrade!

It lets you do what you love online:
• Zip around your favorite websites.
• Stream TV & movies with fewer interruptions.
• Download stuff way faster — like photos, software updates and more.