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Team Deans: Where does your passion for racing coming from?

Dave Trute: It started young, my parents owned the Tomah track and I grew up on a race track and once it’s in you, it doesn't come out.

Team Deans: What is your best memory growing up as a kid?

Driver: Working on cars, figuring stuff out, racing against good drivers and learning how they did things and how I could compete with them.

Team Deans: When you aren’t at the shop or the track what are you typically doing?

Dave Trute: Well racing isn't cheap, so if I'm not at work or with my family I spend time with my friends, riding sled in the winter, going on the boat and camping in the summer.

Team Deans: How do you get your racing fix in during the off-season?

Dave Trute: Ride sled, fix stuff, read a lot about race cars and how to make them faster. I like to have a plan and a back-up before the season starts. I watch a lot of videos and try to learn from my mistakes. I am always looking for way to improve each year. 

Team Deans: If you never started racing what would you be doing on the weekends?

Dave Trute: I would be driving a real expensive car on the street, spend cleaning my big pool and mowing my automatically watered lawn. I would also be out on the river in an expensive boat. 

Team Deans: What are you most excited about for the upcoming 2016 season?

Dave Trute: Can't wait to sell race fuel, see my buddies, and my racing family. I'm going to be ready come April.


Dave Trute

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