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Casey Johnson

Team Deans: Where does your passion for racing come from?

Casey Johnson: It comes from my dad, he had raced before I was born & then when I was about 10 he brought a late model home.. I spent a lot of nights in the shop handing him wrenches.. 

Team Deans: What is your best memory growing up as a kid?

Casey Johnson: One of the best memories I would have to be driving down to watch a Nascar race at Bristol, it was the only time I seen in Dale Earnhardt race in person, its pretty memorable to me because thats who I wanted to be like
growing up.

Team Deans: When you aren't at the shop or track what are you typically doing? 

Casey Johnson: Im usually doing something with my family. We like to do fun things with the girls when we can, Between work and racing it doesn't leave a lot of family time. We usually take them to parks, the zoo & splash-pads whatever fun things we can find for them.

Team Deans: How do you get the racing fix in during the off season?

Casey Johnson: Ive really never found a way to get my racing fix in. I usually just stay busy working on the cars & hope the months go by fast.

5)If you never started racing, what would you be doing on the weekends? 

Casey Johnson: I would probably still be playing home talent Baseball, I played Baseball throughout high school & home talent baseball after I graduated but it got put on the back burner once my racing schedule picked up.

Team Deans: What are you most excited for in the upcoming 2016 season?

Casey Johnson: Im most excited to kick off the season at WIR, the last 2 months of the 2015 season the car was on a rail & I think with the improvements Dennis Chase has made to the cars we will be stronger yet.